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Creating Ripples - Michaele Wynn-Jones

Michaele Wynn-JonesMichaele Wynn-Jones - you know that famous midlife crisis cliche? Well in Michaele's case it was her husband's crisis with the office floozy that caused a domino effect and resulted in one of her own.

In just four short months she lost her home, her health, her job and almost her two daughters. Four days after leaving her husband with six carrier bags and a child by each hand, she found she couldn't walk as she was - in terms of metaphysics - left literally without a leg to stand on and no means of support. One day she was Deputy Head of a thriving primary school and the next she was having radical knee surgery and being made redundant from her job on the grounds of ill health. So what did she do? She went to prison - a men's remand, where she spent the next nine years teaching inmates to read and researching suicide.

Probably the only dyscalculiate numerologist in Europe, successfully avoided anything to do with numbers until she was in her early forties and today she works internationally, full-time and in colour, helping clients from every walk of life discover their life contract, why they are here at this particular time in history.


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