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Creating Ripples - Catherine Schalk

Catherine SchalkCatherine Schalk is a 20-year veteran of the software industry and has been involved in sales for most of that time. In that time she has been involved in over 3000 sales enablement initiatives. She is a certified coach, speaker and trainer for The John Maxwell company; is an executive in numerous organisations; and currently runs her own sales enablement business - Inkwazi Communications.

She started in sales as a representative for Informix in Central Africa in 1994 and ended her corporate career 20 years later when she was the Director of World Wide Sales Enablement for Informatica. She is a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Worldwide Education and Attainment and was named the Top Female Executive for Excellence in Professional Training and Coaching earlier this year.

Her work with the Ubuntu mission, Tearfund, Work Angel Wisdom, World Vision, and other charities highlight Catherine's desire to make the world a better place.


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