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Creating Ripples - Victoria Jones

Victoria JonesVictoria Jones is a 42 year old mother of one who has recently given up her corporate career in communications to take up a franchise in the UK's longest-running baby signing company, Sing and Sign. Baby signing is becoming more and more popular among parents and experts alike, with many agreeing that it provides a fantastic way for babies to learn to communicate long before speech is possible. The keyword signs are taught using a mix of well-known nursery rhymes and original songs with signs as hand actions, so it's no harder than learning Incy Wincy Spider!

Like all the franchise owners and teachers within the group, all of whom are former customers of Sing and Sign, Victoria is passionate about the programme's efficacy, with her own two-year old-son being an articulate testament to the success that can be achieved.

Covering the Weald of Kent, Victoria now brings the fun, interactive and musical signing classes to babies and their parents or carers.


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