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RDPI Creating Ripples

Creating Ripples - Noreen Makosewe

Noreen MakoseweNoreen Makosewe is a business growth coach and strategist to entrepreneurs who want to be more, earn more and make a difference doing what they love. She is the Founder of The Radical Leap Company a consultancy that helps business owners and leaders address key growth issues within their organisations and offers solutions to help increase performance, productivity and profits. She also offers private strategy consulting to small-business owners and is currently a Business Advisor to the Cote d'Ivoire Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.

Noreen is a transformational public speaker who has had the opportunity to host and speak at numerous business conferences and events in Europe, East Africa and West Africa as well as on various digital platforms like video blogging, web training summits and radio. She has featured as a guest on radio channels like Voice of Africa Radio, Waking Passions Radio Show, The Kubi Springer Show, 2Inspire Network Spotlight, Andrea Graham Radio Show, Kingdom Culture and the award-winning Ask Patricia Show. She has also been a contributor to online articles for Ariatu PR, ON IN LONDON Lifestyle Magazine, Your 24h Coach, 2Inspire Network and the Women Empowering Women Magazine by Jacqueline Ani.

Inspired by a passion for philanthropy, Noreen is the Co-Founder of Nia Nzuri Foundation (Ghana) and a strategic partner of the Foundation for International Collaboration, iSpace Foundation (Ghana) and Vision Africa (Kenya). Via her podcast, Reflections of Inspiration, Noreen shares thoughts and tips to help professionals win in life, at work or in business.


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