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Creating Ripples - Alison Mathias

Alison MathiasAlison Mathias is a photographer and digital artist based near Battle in East Sussex, South East England. She considers that she has been a photographer since she was 11 when an Aunt bought her a basic little Kodak camera for Christmas. With her background and degree in Fine Art and English, Literature Alison developed a passion for stories and visual art and she feels photography marries these two together beautifully, particularly with the endless possibilities these days with Digital editing.

Alison took the plunge and started her own photography business as a 'self gift' for her 40th birthday, she says "I didn't want to turn 40 and still be saying what am I going to be when I'm a grown up!"

Alison stepped back from the photography business in December 2015 with an aim to re-focus and gain some creative clarity during a spell of uncertainty. What followed was a recent full rebrand and launch of what is now Alisonwonderland photography, with a specialism in magical, fine-art and fantasy type photographs, following her true passion for creative, fun and visually beautiful, story telling images.

Alison lives with her husband, Andrew, their 18 and 15 year old children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. She loves to socialise, go on walks to collect her own stock photography, cook and share food and drink with friends, dream, create and to bring a little magic into peoples lives. Alison truly feels that she has found her home in 'Wonderland'.


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