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Creating Ripples - Erica Smith

Erica SmithErica Smith is a graphic designer based in Hastings, South East Engjand. She has been self--employed for over 20 years, primarily working for community organisations, festivals and small businesses.

She also works on her own self-directed projects including guide books and illustrated books which she sells through her market stall called Sauce and through selected outlets.

Erica has always been active within her community, being involved with community groups, organising parties and events, helping set up an online newspaper and campaigning about things she thinks are important Back in the '90s she created a zine called GirlFrenzy which celebrated women comic artists and musicians. In the summer of 2016, she co-curated an event called from GirlFrenzy to CroneFrenzy - reuniting the artists involved with GirlFrenzy and exploring the joys and tribulations of ageing.

Erica loves cycling, running and writing.


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