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Creating Ripples - Lydia Mutare

Lydia MutareLydia Mutare was born in Zimbabwe and has lived in the UK for 25 years. She is passionate about developing potential in young women, especially in communities where opportunities for women are limited. She sees young women as the makers and shapers of communities and therefore believes in their power to bring about and sustain change.

Her background is in teaching - she taught Biology and Home Economics in a secondary school in Zimbabwe. She left teaching to pursue Theological Studies in the UK which was a complete change to what she had studied, but she wanted to explore her Christian faith further, as well as other religions and to have time for reflection.

On completion of her course Lydia went back to Zimbabwe and was employed by the Girl Guides of Zimbabwe to run a project working with under-privileged young women in life skills development. Through this project she was exposed to the international work of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in supporting women. Lydia was a Girl Guide herself and was aware of the work done at national level but the international world was still very much a mystery.

When an opening to work in London as a Regional Director for the Africa Region came up, Lydia applied and got the post. The opportunity to work with young women in Africa and build their capacity to change their lives and the lives of people in their community was a dream come true for Lydia. She believes in the power of women to support each other in building stronger communities. She experienced this herself as she grew up in a small village where girl guiding had allowed her to discover who she could be through the support and role models in guiding.

Lydia is currently the Leadership and Programme Development Director at the World Association of Girl Guides. This is the job that has brought most satisfaction as she has witnessed the growth and development of female leaders.


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