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Creating Ripples - Petra Lander

Petre LanderPetra Lander was born in Germany. She has studied, lived and worked in Switzerland, Germany, Iran, Spain and Belgium from where she came to the UK in 1982. She is widely travelled, speaks five languages and lives in London, Sussex and Southern Spain.

After a varied corporate career in the luxury hotel and business travel industries, and following a redundancy, Petra chose to follow her passion for all things property. She mainly works renovating the interiors of buildings and in architectural design. She founded Room for Style - Inspired Interiors in 2002 and adds value for her customers, making renovating, refurbishing and remodelling homes effortless for busy discerning clients. Her unique skills are space-planning, storage solutions, problem solving and putting the soul back in run-down homes.

Her personal interests include travel, photography, dancing and swimming in the sea and she is also a great lover of good food.


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