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RDPI Creating Ripples

Creating Ripples - Emily McMorran

Emily McMorranEmily McMorran is an Intuitive Alchemist! What does this mean? Well, she use her intuitive senses to create healing foods, as well as having created 18 sets (known as 'constellations') of high-vibration healing products. Each set consists of an elixir; healing cream and an energy spray and is individually handmade for the person ordering it. They are made using her own range of high-vibration gem and flower essences; specially blended aromatherapy oils and all natural ingredients for the creams.

In terms of her alchemy in the kitchen, Emily is nearing completion of her recipe book The Alchemist's Cookbook - Balance & Wellness Foods. Emily has always been passionate about food and, after her body went off meat in 2011, her whole life changed as she suddenly had to rely even more on her alchemy skills to provide wonderful flavours without the use of meat. This led to her friends asking her to give them her recipes and then suggesting she write a recipe book. So she set-to and started writing them down.


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