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RDPI Creating Ripples

Creating Ripples - Sharne van der Burgh

Sharne van der BurghSharne van der Burgh blends her passion for developing people with practical coaching, learning facilitation and fitness programmes. As a business leader, she has practical management and leadership experience within a Fortune 500 organisation. Working within the sales and marketing sector running sales teams and working with distributors she has lived and worked across Europe and in North America.

Since 2002 she has been running her own coaching and training practice, working with corporate and private customers in a variety of sectors. In 2012, she introduced the concept of physical fitness and nutrition advice into her coaching work to meet the needs of highly-stressed business people to enhance their wellbeing and improve their ability to sustain high levels of workplace stress.

Sharne has coached Executives and Managers at all levels in a variety of organisations, from entrepreneurs to Corporate Vice Presidents in Europe and the US. She has delivered learning events in the UK, US, Eastern Europe, Iceland and Malta and has run mentoring programmes in the UK and North America. In addition to supporting her own clients, Sharne works as an Associate coach and trainer with other organisations.


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