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Creating Ripples - Jill Pay

Jill PayJill Pay was appointed as the first female Serjeant at Arms in the UK Houses of Parliament in 2008, a formal job with a very formal uniform. Her responsibilities as Serjeant were security, access and ceremonial and she loved every moment of it until she retired in the spring of 2012. A quote from her leaving tribute reads, "Jill has also played a powerful role in mentoring and encouraging other women in the House service to achieve their potential. The number of women now occupying senior posts in the House Service is some measure of the example she has set."

Jill's passion is to help people to develop, grow and succeed, from primary school children who are struggling to learn to read through to entrepreneurs finding their way in business and female senior managers who are seeking to crack that ultimate glass ceiling to join the Board.

She is a Trustee of the Beanstalk literacy charity that seeks to improve literacy in primary schools across the UK and she is a founder and an active member of the Pink Shoe Club, a businesswomen's network affiliated to UK Parliament that recognises, develops and celebrates women’s unique talents and skills that complement those of their male colleagues. Jill is Chairman of the Pink Shoe Senate, the strategic planning group that seeks to drive the organisation forward to benefit women (and men!) across the world.


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