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Creating Ripples - Mimi Anderson

Mimi AndersonMimi started running in 1999 at the age of 36 and has raced all over the world. She's run in deserts and mountains, the amazing Peruvian Jungle, she's conquered freezing temperatures in the Arctic and set a record in one of the hottest places on earth.

In 2008 she set a female Guinness World Record for running the length of the United Kingdom - all 840 miles. Last year Mimi ran 1969 km across the Freedom Trail in South Africa, an adventure she loved.

Some of Mimi's amazing achievements:
  • 2007 Extreme Ultra Marathon
  • 352 mile self-sufficiency non-stop race in the Arctic
  • Overall winner and course record holder
  • Ran the Namibian Desert Challenge 2010
  • 220km over 5 days overall race winner

Next year, at the age of 54, Mimi will be going for another world record - listen to the interview and find out what it is!


If the above player does not work you can access the interview here [opens in a new tab]

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