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RDPI Midlife Matters

Thriving together at midlife

RDPI Thriving togetherThis unique session can be run face-to-face or online. It is for any couple, of any dynamic. It may be that one of you is at midlife, or it may be that you both are.

As we approach midlife, it can represent one of the most positive times of our life, however it can also bring with it a number of uncertainties, insecurities and confusion.

Communication is key in life, and this is especially so for couples experiencing the midlife transition together. As a couple we have travelled through our own midlife and each other's and with mutual support and understanding have emerged stronger and resilient. If you would like your relationship to avoid floundering and instead flourish, this session will be for you.
  • Midlife when it is?
  • The 'perfect storm' going through this together and supporting each other
  • The menopause - what is it exactly and what on earth is going on
  • Male midlife - what is it and what might happen
  • Potential experiences from the female perspective
  • Potential experiences from the male perspective
  • The possible impact on relationships
  • What not to say and do
  • What you could say and do
  • How both parties can look after themselves at this time
  • How to not only survive, but thrive together
  • Resources for everyone

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