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HRT and menopause - an update


length: 34:19

Professor Talaulikar gives a fact-filled and fascinating update on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and menopause.

There are too many pundits on Social Media and in the mainstream and other press giving opinions and views that so-often have no supporting evidence. With so much confusing information out there, it is vital that we have a well-balanced view with research-based data, backed up with sound clinical evidence of both safety and efficacy.

In the presentation, Vikram talks about:

  • Menopause: what it is, when it occurs and some ethnic and other differences
  • What may happen during peri-menopause and beyond (eg. vasomotor symptoms, changes in periods and vaginal issues)
  • How menopause is diagnosed and treatment options
  • HRT - how it has developed over the years, different types and routes of administration, and the component hormones and their roles
  • Some contra-indications and possible complications with HRT
  • The difference between body-identical ('safe') and bio-identical preparations
  • HRT risks and benefits

Vikram concludes by saying that every woman's menopause 'journey' will be unique and stresses the importance of individualising diagnosis and treatment. He comments on the positive developments in HRT over the decades and how transdermal preparations and body-identical hormones are game changer.

For more information, please visit: The Menopause Clinic, London

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