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Creating Ripples - Anna Atkinson

Anna AtkinsonAnna Atkinson has been working as a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor for 6 years, having trained at the alternative Tobias School of Art and Therapy whose training program places an emphasis on healing through a more holistic and gentle approach to creativity.

She originally obtained a degree in Illustration at the University of the Arts, at Camberwell college of Art, which led to an interest in using the creative impulse as a way to illustrate stories and ideas.

Anna has worked extensively in Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form schools in London and Sussex, helping to facilitate creative educational interventions for individuals and groups, particularly in relation to challenging behavioural needs in financially and culturally deprived areas where often therapeutic provisions are scarce.

Anna has worked as a crisis counsellor and arts in mental health practitioner and also runs seasonal workshops and groups based on different themes and works of literature such as Kafka, Grimms fairytales and the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz and David Whyte. Anna's practice incorporates art, sound, words, movement, texture, creative writing, installations, film, voice, colour and body work, with an emphasis on the intuitive voice and the power of being witnessed. She regularly practices poetry, drama, art and dance as a form of meditation and prayer. She believes everyone is an artist and every small act is an expression of creative energy if paid attention to and honoured. Her hope is that people learn to honour their creative landscapes and give nourishment to their artistic appetites in order to blossom more fully than they ever anticipated.


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