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RDPI Creating Ripples

Creating Ripples - Susie Heath

Susie HeathSusie Heath works with high-achieving executives, men and women, on male / female dynamics in the workplace and with relationship and intimacy issues. Best selling author of The Essence of Womanhood re-awakening the authentic feminine, and Little Gems, The Potency of the Feminine in Business, Susie is a qualified Executive Coach, Life Strategist, Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist with NLP, Biodanza teacher and facilitator and Corporate Psychotherapist focusing on stress.

Susie encourages women to explore and embrace the true potency and intrinsic strength and presence of their feminine energy and how to apply this in their personal and professional lives. She also teaches Conscious Feminine Leadership, creating and establishing a new way of working which is more balanced and in harmony with the environment and the future of the planet.

While bringing up her children, Susie established a name for herself as owner / director of a conservatory interior design and horticulture company, Gardens Under Glass, was a frequent TV and radio guest, a TV presenter and well-known speaker for the Royal Horticultural Society.


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