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Flexibility of working hours is the answer

by Stephen James, Marketing Manager, Ebuyer
Now is the time to embrace flexible working hours, especially to attract and retain employees - adapt to the new cultures to be successful
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The right training for business success

by James Croft, Chair, Centre for Education Economics
The degree of churn among start-up businesses tells a story of undesirable business failure. The positive difference that the right kind of education and training can have
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Hidden health implications of self-employment

by Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent
The pressure of running a business is affecting the mental and physical health of many self-employed
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The life cycle of risk

by Dr David Hillson, The Risk Doctor
When we work on projects in business there are clearly risks involved that we should consider as part of the management process
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Four secrets to being more resilient

by Rosalind Cardinal, Managing Director, Shaping Change
Resilience is essential not just in everyday life but in business as well. It is something anyone can build - 4 secrets to success
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