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Personal branding

Image is so important, particularly in the business environment - however you identify in the world. Ask yourself ... have you:
  • wondered why some people's appearance seems to radiate leadership and how they do it?
  • considered whether that jazzy shirt, tie or socks convey the image you want?
  • ever bought clothes and never worn them?
  • wondered why what looks good on other people may not automatically look good on you?
  • been interested to find out who you are inside as well as what you are outside?
Do you want to:
  • transmit the image you want others to understand?
  • feel great in everything you own and wear, every day?
  • wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?
  • have the right image and never have to worry about what to wear ever again?
  • discover your style, explore colour and expand your choices?
If so, personal branding is for you!

With nearly three decades of experience in the field of colour, style and personal branding, Katie will take you through the process of discovering your inner and outer image both at work and in your private life.

She was one of the first style consultants in the UK in the late 1980s and now trains people to become expert style consultants themselves. She also sees clients for private and group sessions.

How confident are you that your wardrobe fully reflects the image you want to portray, your skills, values, talents, expertise and position?

How much do you want to be seen as someomne who owns their place in the world, confident in how you present yourself and sending all the right messages with your appearance?

Sessions can include:
  • You personal colour analysis:
    • Discover your unique blend of hues and tones
    • Receive your personalised colour fan

  • Personal style and image:
    • Establish who you are inside as well as what you are outside
    • Includes your personalised style book

  • Wardrobe audit - everything comes out, but not everything may go back in!
    • Is your wardrobe working as efficiently as it could?
    • Does it reflect your lifestyle and your brand effectively?
    • Are you wasting money on the wrong items?
    • Does everything go with everything else?
    • Includes your personal Wardrobe booklet

  • Shopping day
    • A full one-to-one day at a shopping centre convenient to you
    • A strategic day, focused on filling the gaps identified on the Wardrobe audit
    • Create your capsule wardrobe that fully reflects who you are as a person in the world and ensures you look, and feel, great every day
Colour and style sessions can be carried out one-to-one or in a group (maximum four people)

Wardrobe audit and Shopping days are always one-to-one

Contact Katie to discuss your specific needs and aims so that we can put together the package that works best for you at this time: e: katie@rdp-int.com

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