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Presentation skills

Have you ...
  • Ever listened to a presentation and walked away not really knowing what the key points were?
  • Felt really uncomfortable as an audience member as it was clear the presenter wasn't really prepared?
  • Been bored and switched off after a few minutes?
  • Been distracted by the presenter's body language and style?
  • Been confused disappointed with the visuals used?
  • Thought that you were at the wrong presentation?
Being able to speak in public is vital, however presenting with impact is much wider than a good voice.

You need to engage with the audience immediately and your non verbal communication is even more powerful than your verbal communication - representing approximately 55% of how people will receive your messages.

How confident are you that your verbal and non verbal language captures, and holds, the attention of audiences with maximum effect?

How much do you want to be seen as the presenter people always look forward to watching and hearing?

We will help you learn and practice the skills to achieve this, and more. You will learn how to:
  • Fine-tune your presentation technique
  • Be true to your personal style, rather than copying other people
  • Engage an audience before you even start speaking
  • Keep them riveted throughout
  • Become the 'go to' person to deliver powerful, effective and memorable talks
  • Identify your key messages and stay on track
  • Let go of 'scripts' and talk from the heart - whatever your subject
  • Use 'stage anchors' to get your key messages across more effectively
  • Deal with saboteurs effectively
Your ability to make top-class presentations and get your messages across is not only important for your audience, it's also important for you and your career, as well as the image and reputation of the organisation.

During the session, some of your presentations are filmed you (only) will receive a copy with feedback for personal reference.

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