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RDPI Creating Ripples

Creating Ripples - Jenni Hallam

Jenni HallamJenni is a Personal Development Coach and Trainer, a catalyst for change, growth and development. She is passionate about empowerment, helping women to recognise and increase their power and influence and work together to achieve their goals. With a background in education, as a teacher, trainer and lecturer and over 10 years as a practicing Coach, Jenni has extensive experience of helping people of all ages to recognise and reach their potential.

She runs workshops and retreats where women can take time for themselves to review their lives and re-connect with their dreams, their power and their potential. She also works in house with companies to improve communication.

Jenni believes:

  • change doesn't need to be difficult
  • it is never 'too late'
  • there is no such thing as failure
  • life and learning should be fun!


If the above player does not work you can access the interview here [opens in a new tab]

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